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Mariam Fairbanks

Show Host

Mariam Fairbanks, host of the Bijou Show, is a lifestyle influencers and communications expert based in the midwest. At 17, Mariam survived a life threatening syndrome and has dedicated her life to inspiring other people to enjoy their own lives. She is on a mission to influence the world to take better care of their health, mindset, and relationships with the broader community.

Mariam is the Editor of The Petite Bijou, a lifestyle website. When not podcasting, she spends time collecting and restoring medical antiques, playing with her black cats, and writing a self help book based on her traumatic experience.

About THE Podcast

The Bijou Show is a 5 star rated podcast in the self help category and it’s main goal is to inspire people around the world to keep going.

The host, Mariam, survived a traumatic near death experience and knows how others in this world suffer from depression, from health issues, from confusion, and negativity. The Bijou Show inspires all in every aspect of their lives: mindset, wellness, beauty, business, and more.

Each episode features either an interview with an expert or gives value through inspiring stories from guests and from Mariam.

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Mariam is a one woman team: producer, interviewer, and editor. The Bijou Show takes a certain amount of time and investment to bring the world value each and every week. We need your help to cover at least the cost of production for this show. Please consider donating. Any bit helps!