Ep. 3: Ken Coleman on finding your passion and dream job, creating a stand out resume, and nailing that next interview

On this very special episode of The Bijou Show, I am joined by Ken Coleman of Ramsey Solutions and the host of the ever popular call in show: The Ken Coleman Show.

Now this isn’t your average episode. I didn’t get my team to call his team and get together. Oh no.

One day I was sitting on my couch – crying. I cried because I felt lost in my own career track. No employer wanted me because I was always taking off for doctors appointments because of my poor health and disability. My dreams of becoming an entrepreneur were shattered. A while back a professor of mine told me I would never get anywhere or make any money as a business owner.

Basically, I was devastated and I picked up the phone and called into Ken’s NATIONAL radio show to ask him for advice.

We started talking and next thing you know, he’s telling me he’s going to be ON MY PODCAST.

A few weeks later I interview him. Then he asks me to come onto HIS SHOW.

Chaos ensued. Just kidding – but it was a crazy ride and you can listen to me interview Ken above.



Timestamp Topics & Questions

{02:10} – Why Ken challenged Mariam to follow through with starting The Bijou Show and how he put a fire under her.

{03:35} – How Ken got started in broadcasting and creating the Ken Coleman Show

{06:50} – Your “dream job” may not be exactly what you are skilled at – but it can lead to it

{09:00) – Mariam’s journey in finding her sweet spot and dream career

{10:06} – Ken chats about how parents pressure their kids when it comes to jobs and what to do instead

{14:00} – Is now the best time to find jobs? How do you do it?

{18:00} – How do we find our dream jobs and sweet spots?

{27:00} – Giving God some room to work for you and finding your true purpose

{29:00} – How to nail that resume and interviewing process + 3 freebies ken is giving away


Links & Resources

Ken’s Resume & Interview Guide

Mariam’s Interview on The Ken Coleman Show

Ken’s Book: The Proximity Principle

Ken’s Website & Instagram

The Bijou Show Instagram



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