Ep 4: BIJOU SPECIAL – Deputy Brandon Schaefer on everyday safety tips, avoiding danger, and emergency preparedness

On this very special two part series, I sit down with two outstanding law enforcement officers of the Williamson County Sheriff’s office to inspire YOU and share valuable tips. In part one, I chat with Deputy Brandon Schaefer who is lead instructor and program coordinator of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Self Defense Academy.

Brandon shares a who wealth of information with us today. And if you want to stay safe in the crazy world we live in, you need to listen to this interview.

Everyday there are hundreds of victims: of robberies, murders, rapes, and kidnappings. Deputy Schaefer shares EXACTLY what you need to know and do to NOT be another victim. And as tough as it is, we also talk about what to do in an active shooter situation – how you can defeat the shooter and also protect yourself.

A special thank you to Sheriff Chody for allowing me the pleasure of interviewing Deputy Schaefer. Your support and enthusiasm is much appreciated.


Timestamp Topics & Questions

{01: 40} – “How long have you been a law enforcement officer?

{02:40} – The Williamson County Self Defense Academy and what Brandon is teaching children, teens, and adults about self defense.

{04:20} – What is the right age to teach children about stranger danger?

{08:10} – How can parents prepare their children for conversations about crime and danger.

{10:15} – Bullying and social media – it’s following teens everywhere. Deputy Schaefer shares his take on how coping mechanisms need to start early.

{12:30} – Should we be investing our time on our phones and social media? How phones rob us of intuition.

{15:55} – Ultimate social media safety tips you need to know right now

{19:50} – Lions and men share similar characteristics…how not to be stalked and become a victim

{23:00} – Using self awareness to prevent attacks and knowing what kind of body language clues to look for

{30:30} – Brandon gives us the lowdown on preparation and why deterrence is the best form of self defense

{35:00} – How to prepare for active shootings and natural disasters

{42:00} – Everyone has a role in the family and working together to stay safe


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