Ep. 5: BIJOU SPECIAL – Lieutenant Grayson Kennedy on LIVE PD, being an officer, keeping faith, and community impact through television

In part 2 of the Bijou Show Special, Lieutenant Grayson Kennedy of the Williamson County Sheriffs Office and star of A&E’s hit TV show, LIVE PD, talks to me about how the show has impacted his community, what training to become a law enforcement officer is like, how to help your local agency, and how faith carries him on through his work.

This interview gives a behind the scenes look into what it’s like for law enforcement officers who are being followed by cameras and just how important being transparent is in todays world.

Don’t forget to check out Pt 1 of the Bijou Show special with my interview with Deputy Brandon Schaefer on safety tips!

A big thank you to Sheriff Chody of the Williamson County Sheriffs office for allowing me to interview your wonderful officers and bring out message to the world.


Timestamp Topics & Questions

{03: 37} – “How did you get started in law enforcement?”

{04:15} – Mariam asks Grayson what his childhood was like and what inspired him to become an officer

{06:45} –  Physical and mental challenges while you are in the police academy

{09:20} – “Is it true they pepper spray you in the academy?” Tips on how to join the academy if you are interested in law enforcement

{12:00} – There is need for specialized skills in law enforcement agencies. Are you bilingual or have specialized skills agencies could use?

{13:30} – “Is there a need for more women officers in agencies?”

{14:40} – Persistence pays off – why the academy might not be the place for everyone and alternatives for those who are passionate about helping their local agencies

{16:00} – “How did the agency feel about being on LIVE PD?”

{19:30} – How LIVE PD has impacted Grayson’s own community

{23:05} – How does the local community help the agency with leads and tips?

{24:30} – Mariam asks “How has the show impacted your personal life?”

{27:24} – Grayson shares the most memorable calls he’s been to

{29:00} – The biggest challenges and rewards of being a law enforcement officer

{31:31} – How Grayson’s faith plays a role in his daily life and duties

{32:50} = Mariam asks “Have your kids asked you to become a K9 officer yet??”

{34:40} – Grayson’s special message to #livepdnation


Links & Resources

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

Lt. Grayson Kennedy Instagram & Twitter

Bijou Show Instagram & Facebook Page

A&E’s LIVE PD Website

Pt. 1 of the Bijou Show Special with Deputy Brandon Schaefer


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