Ep. 6: Genevieve St-Cyr on transforming and healing your gut and getting rid of toxic lifestyle choices

Functional medicine health coach, Genevieve St-Cyr talks to me about how gut health can be a big factor in your overall health. Symptoms like acne and bloating can be some of the warning signs of a bad gut. Listen to learn more about how to take care of your gut, heal it, and make sure you’re making the right lifestyle choices to stay healthy and happy.

I was actually very inspired by this episode and at the end (and off record) I told Genevieve: “I think there’s  something wrong with my gut”

And lo and behold, I have a leaky gut! And thanks to this interview, I was able to identify the problem and learn how to treat it!

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Time Stamp Topics & Questions

{03:40} – How many people around the world have gut issues? What are some of the symptoms of having poor gut health?

{05:20} – Why our modern day lifestyles and diets are toxic for our organs.

{08:20} – How antibiotic use is linked to poor gut health.

{09:30} – Genevieve had her own gut issues and here is what she noticed when she had her first symptoms and what she did about it.

{14:15} – It worked for her – How Genevieve was devestated by the whole medical system and started her own health journey and helping others.

{18:00} – The first treatment steps Genevieve uses for all her clients

{20:00} – What is SIBO and what happens in your body when you have it?

{24:50} – Why you have to be careful with herbs and probiotics – and when you should

{27:30} – Foods to avoid if you have suspected gut issues

{31:50} – How stomach acidity can impact gut health and digestion enzymes can help you out (especially if you can’t digest carbs).

{36:00} – Parasites!! Why they are super common and what are some of the symptoms and treatments

{41:40} – Toxic lifestyle choices that aggravate gut health

{44:00} – Why Genevieve started yoga and how it’s impacted her life and health

{48:00} – How to teach your family and children about positive health and lifestyle choices.


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Free Exclusive Digestion Series (yoga for digestion)

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Recommended Digestive Enzyme’s: Houston Enzymes, TriEnza


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