Ep.8: Becky of Clean Mama on creating a clean space, getting organized for success, and establishing routines

Becky of Clean Mama chats with Mariam about how a clean home can lead to more fulfillment, inspiration, and success. Decluttering and tidying up can have a major impact on our stamina, health, and mindset. Shift your habits now as Becky teaches us her world renowned cleaning and organizational tips! Put these tips into use and watch as your space transforms before your very eyes.

Timestamp Topics & Questions

{01:35} – Mariam asks “What is the benefit of having a clean home?”

{02:50} – How living in clutter can cause more stress and emotional turbulence

{03:35} – Becky became a cleaning expert after her experience as an art teacher

{07:19} – Having a clean home allows your senses to get stimulated and inspired and why sometimes cleaning can be quite overwhelming

{11:30} – How to get started cleaning your home when you feel so incredibly overwhelmed.

{13:00} – Becky’s special sink scrub: baking soda, essential oils: lemon and clove, dish soap, and natural sink brush

{14:00} – Becky shares her weekly, daily, and monthly cleaning and decluttering routine

{18:23} – Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom isn’t as hard as you think. How to create more time in your schedule for cleaning.

{22:10} – Why Mariam plays “hotel” to keep herself accountable in her own cleaning routine. How to create your own accountability.

{23:25} – Listener Question: “How do get your family involved in cleaning and organizing?”

{28:00} – Listener Question: “What are your thoughts on the Kon Mari method?”

{31:30} – Listener Question: “If you can’t do the Kon Mari method, what is the best way to get organized?”

{35:00} – Listener Question: “How do you clean your home when you care about the environment and don’t want to use nasty products?”

{37:00} – Listener Question: “How do you deal and delegate shared spaces?”

{39:00} – Listener Question: “Do you have pets? And how do you deal with pet hair?”


Links & Resources

Becky’s site with free checklists, recipes, and resources

The BEST essential oils for cleaning: Lemon and Clove

Natural and Damage Free Kitchen Sink Scrubber

Mariam’s Favorite Amazon Organizing Bins

Back Out Cleaner

Automatic Rotating Vacuum Cleaner Robot


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