Ep 1: Ocean Robbins on reversing disease with food and living a toxic free life

Welcome to the very first episode of the Bijou Show! Today I’m interviewing Ocean Robbins, founder of the Food Revolution Network and also the author of 31 Day Food Revolution. His father and him have helped thousands of people make healthier food and lifestyle choices. His father walked away from the Baskin Robbins ice cream...

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Ep 2: Dr. Iyabo Ojikutu on finding permanent happiness and changing the world with your gifts

Welcome to episode 2 of The Bijou Show! Thank you so much for listening. This interview was really close to my heart. I personally felt like I was a part of a sisterhood with Iyabo and the things she has to share with us today are magical and life changing. Today pediatrician and author of...

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Ep. 3: Ken Coleman on finding your passion and dream job, creating a stand out resume, and nailing that next interview

On this very special episode of The Bijou Show, I am joined by Ken Coleman of Ramsey Solutions and the host of the ever popular call in show: The Ken Coleman Show. Now this isn’t your average episode. I didn’t get my team to call his team and get together. Oh no. One day I...

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Ep 4: BIJOU SPECIAL – Deputy Brandon Schaefer on everyday safety tips, avoiding danger, and emergency preparedness

On this very special two part series, I sit down with two outstanding law enforcement officers of the Williamson County Sheriff’s office to inspire YOU and share valuable tips. In part one, I chat with Deputy Brandon Schaefer who is lead instructor and program coordinator of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Self Defense Academy. Brandon...

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Ep. 5: BIJOU SPECIAL – Lieutenant Grayson Kennedy on LIVE PD, being an officer, keeping faith, and community impact through television

In part 2 of the Bijou Show Special, Lieutenant Grayson Kennedy of the Williamson County Sheriffs Office and star of A&E’s hit TV show, LIVE PD, talks to me about how the show has impacted his community, what training to become a law enforcement officer is like, how to help your local agency, and how...

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Ep. 6: Genevieve St-Cyr on transforming and healing your gut and getting rid of toxic lifestyle choices

Functional medicine health coach, Genevieve St-Cyr talks to me about how gut health can be a big factor in your overall health. Symptoms like acne and bloating can be some of the warning signs of a bad gut. Listen to learn more about how to take care of your gut, heal it, and make sure...

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