#1: Ocean Robbins on reversing and preventing disease with food, toxic lifestyles, and lies food brands tell us

Author and Food Revolution Network founder Ocean Robbins chats with Mariam about how to reverse and prevent disease using food, how to live a toxin free lifestyle, and what major food brands don’t want to tell you about their advertising and products. His family walked away from the Baskin Robbins fortunate to start a food revolution that has inspired thousands of people to change their lives.


  • Food really can be medicine and how people can reverse major diseases with whole food plant based diets [03:30]
  • “Blue Zones” of the world where people live the longest: where are they and who are these people? What healthy eating and lifestyle tips do they practice? [07:30]
  • How to structure your day for health success [13:20]
  • Mariam tried a plant based diet for a week and how it went and Ocean shares tips on incorporating more plants into your diet [19:30]
  • How Ocean Robbins Father left the Baskin Robbins family business to start a food revolution [26:30]
  • Superfoods to eat [33:30]
  • How to talk to children about healthy eating [40:15}

“The pleasure that comes from comfort foods is fleeting. It’s short lived” – Ocean Robbins, The Bijou Show


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