#11: Dr. Gus Vickery on improving your sleep, changing habits, and achieving your health goals

Most people face chronic health issues. Facing tiredness, brain fog, poor sleep, and anxiety – these metabolic conditions are conditions Dr. Gus Vickery aims to treat for all Americans. He sits down with Mariam to share how we can all achieve ultra health and wellness, resort our health, and improve our sleep. We can reduce the need for medication by healing chronic conditions through our lifestyles.


  • What is authentic health? [04:50]
  • How advertising has shaped out modern day outlook on health and the “perfect” body [08:00]
  • Bad habits modern day Americans participate in and how it affects our health system [14:00]
  • How to sleep better to improve your physical and mental health [21:40]
  • Why stress harms the body and how to reduce the amount of stress you experience [31:30]
  • How food & stress go together and what you can do to eat better and heal your body from chronic illness [38:40]
  • Habits to start doing to reach out health goals [50:20]

So many people have never experienced their best health for a day in their life” – Dr. Gus Vickery for the Bijou Show


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