#12: Using positivity and humor to get through trauma and heal with Princess Diane von Brainisfried

This week we’re joined by Princess Diana von Brainisfried, a breast cancer survivor and author who used the power of positivity and humor to help herself get through her cancer journey and ultimately heal. Learn how both Diana and Mariam used the concept of energy and humor (or dark humor) to help them succeed and build their brands. They also talk about the power of personal branding and how you can do it too.’


  • Positivity can help you heal! Why not give it a try? [04:45]
  • Mariam’s first thought after coming out of a coma [13:10]
  • Why the words you speak make a direct impact on your life vision and mental state [20:20]
  • Willpower is finite – thinking positively is a transferable skill that you need to practice every time. [30:30]
  • How Diane’s brand has helped her in everyday social situations [35:00]
  • Mariam shares how bullies and negative people have helped her build her brand and The Petite Bijou, her lifestyle blog [38:40]

Small shifts in your mental state make a big impact in your life


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