#13. Improving Home Fitness Routines and Optimizing Nutrition with Grant Mooney Fitness

Today we’re joined by Grant Mooney Fitness to learn how to improve your at home fitness routines during self isolation and how to optimize your nutrition to achieve your fitness goals. We’re all trying our best to stay fit and Grant shares his tips on working out at home from his experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coaching.


  • Why it’s important to have a daily fitness plan despite being quarantined. Movement is key to optimal health and wellness [01:22]
  • How to decide what your fitness routine needs to focus on and how Grant talks through these things with their clients [06:05]
  • “Should I join a gym or get a personal trainer?”[11::00]
  • Equipment to start an at home fitness routine, even with shipping delays and closures [18:46]
  • How to keep motivated when you’d like to work out consistently but have mental roadblocks. How Grant and Mariam both struggled with depression. What to do with all consuming darkness that surrounds you and prevents you from moving forward [23:44]
  • How does nutrition and fitness fit together? What’s so important about maintaining a good diet if you are also working out? [29:10]
  • Why most diets don’t work and why everyone needs an individualized nutrition plan [34:10]

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