#14. Creating a six figure business and dealing with mindset roadblocks with Jennifer Jaden

Long time mentor, Jennifer Jaden, chats with Mariam about how to grow and scale your business or blog. Mariam and Jennifer chat about what mental and physical roadblocks they’ve had to deal with when building their own businesses and how to overcome them. They also chat about the state of influencer marketing, what it takes to grow a successful blog, and the steps you need to take to charge more in your business.


  • Why so many entrepreneurs and even regular people get “stuck” in their lives [01:50]
  • “It takes someone who doesn’t believe in failure to become an entrepreneur” Jennifer explains why being grounded helps you in your business [04:05]
  • Mariam shares how someone stole her intellectual property when she first started out and how Jennifer helped her. Jennifer shares self limiting beliefs {07:20]
  • Jennifer’s first business ventures [14:10]
  • What running an agency is like on a daily basis {19:00}
  • Mariam shares how you “why” can shift your brand to new directions and make it grow [25:30]
  • Jennifer shares how to start your business [28:00]
  • How to charge your worth and set your prices! [32:50]

“It takes someone who doesn’t believe in failure to become an entrepreneur” @jenniferjaden for the Bijou Show


  • Jennifer’s Agency Course – Sign up and use CODE: BIJOU50 to get $50 off the course. Limited price reduction! Sign up before the price goes up May 15th. This is the course Mariam took to start her own agency!
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