The best self tan with St. Tropez tanning expert Sophie Evans

The Bijou Show
The Bijou Show
The best self tan with St. Tropez tanning expert Sophie Evans

World’s best self tanning expert, Sophie Evans, shares her tips on how to achieve the perfect self tan at home with St. Tropez products. You won’t find this information anywhere else. We chat about the best tips to look and feel like glowing all year round. These tips are for anyone (men and women) who want a perfect tan at home! Sophie and I chat about do’s and don’s of prep, application, and after care. We also talk about how empowering changing your appearance can be to the soul.

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  • How Sophie got started with her tanning career and how she came across St. Tropez. Find out how Victoria Beckham helped St. Tropez to blow up and become popular [02:00]
  • Mariam asks “What makes self tanning so appealing to people?” [10:25]
  • Sophie spills her biggest celebrity tans [12:15]
  • Sophie’s 3 Favorite St. Tropez products [18:45]
  • How to do a perfect self tan prep [20:50]
  • Shaving Q&A and the best tip with a self tan [28:00]
  • “How long should a good tan last?” and why you should exfoliate even with a self tan on [29:30]
  • Worst self tanning mistakes Sophie sees people make [34:40]
  • How to make your booty look good with self tan contouring [37:00]



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