Ep. 7: Dr. Scott Symington on breaking free from anxious thoughts and feelings

Have you ever had an anxious thought or feeling? If you’ve not, then there’s a good chance you’re probably not human. If so, send my kindness regards to your species.

Because every human has had anxious thoughts and feelings. We’ve all experience some form of anxiety, fear, depression, and worry. It’s normal. And our everyday lives are filled with stress. But sometimes these feelings get very out of hand. Mood disorders develop and we feel like there’s no way out.

Todays guest, Dr. Scott Symington is a clinical psychologist and the author of Freedom From Anxious Thoughts and Feelings. His book and his 2 screen method has changed lives. Are you ready to change yours?

If you suffer from any anxiety, depression, fear, and worry, then you need to listen to this episode and don’t forget to check out his book! It’s helped me with my own panic attacks.


Timestamp Topics & Questions

{03:21} – Mariam asks “Is depression and anxiety an epidemic?”

{04:15} – The theories of what is causing so much depression and anxiety in our society

{08:30} – What is the two screen method and why does it work?

{12:00} – Dr. Scott explains a situation using the 2 screen method

{16:30} – Does the 2 screen method work for those diagnosed with mood disorders?

{18:00} – Mariam gets honest about her panic attacks and what she’s doing to help stop them

{21:05} – What is mindfulness and where on earth did this practice come from?

{35:00} – You are a producer in your own life! How energy works in the 2 screen method

{28:45} – Dr. Scott talks about the BEST mindfulness practices you can start integrating into your life today

{36:00} – Mariam asks “Why are loving actions so important?”

{40:29} – Dr. Scott had anxiety. What his life was like before he became a psychologist.

{43:40} – What Dr. Scott really thinks about social media and how it effects and might cause anxiety and depression


Links & Resources

Dr. Symington’s Book: Freedom From Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

Dr. Symington’s Facebook & Twitter

Dr. Symington’s Website

The Bijou Show Instagram


Ep 2: Dr. Iyabo Ojikutu on finding permanent happiness and changing the world with your gifts

Welcome to episode 2 of The Bijou Show! Thank you so much for listening. This interview was really close to my heart. I personally felt like I was a part of a sisterhood with Iyabo and the things she has to share with us today are magical and life changing. Today pediatrician and author of Permanent Happiness, Iyabo shares with us how to find true happiness, what parents should do to help their children live happy lives, and how to change the world using YOUR God given gifts and talents.


Timestamp Topics & Questions

{00:46} – What does true happiness mean?

{01:25} – How does a pediatrician start writing about happiness and peace

{04:30} – Iyabo shares her experience growing up in Nigeria and what her parents did to shape her today

{07:35} – Mariam asks: “What are some things parents can do to raise happy children?”

{09:32} – How can people create and also find their own true happiness and peace?

{12:30} – Working on your physical self and spiritual self and what that means

{15:14} – Mariam shares what she does to grow her spiritual self

{16:35} – How to nourish your body for happiness and true peace

{20:06} – Mariam asks Iyabo “What is your opinion on social media? Does it add to or take away happiness?” Iyabo chats about depression and suicide rates among children and teens who use social media

{23:02} – Step 2 of Iyabo’s 3 plan: how to nourishing your self to then nourish others

{25:23} – You get 3 choices: Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer. Iyabo and Mariam share their takes on parents who restrict their children in job choices.

{29:15} – How we can use our gifts to change the world and influence others.

{32:40} – Will constantly giving actually help you get back? How to find what you are good at and use those gifts to give and receive

{38:29} – How Iyabo structures her day to include happiness, nourishment, and gratitude at all times

{43:23} – What can happiness do to us and our bodies one we find it?


Links & Resources

Dr. Iyabo’s website and Instagram

Iyabo’s book: Permanent Happiness: the only way to find peace, joy, and your life given purpose

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