Ep. 9: Dr. Tamika Henry on developing personal well-being and creating a healthier lifestyle

Look, your body is the framework for success. In order to succeed in your life, jobs, relationships, you need to make sure your well being is developed. Dr. Tamika Henry is a functional medicine physician who is going to be teaching you how to embrace a healthier lifestyle though food, working out, and mindfulness practices. Start living and maxing our your life TODAY with these tips.

What is functional medicine? Check out Dr. Tamika Henry’s website for more information on what a functional medicine practitioner can do for you.


Timestamp Topics & Questions

01:55 – What is the role of a functional medicine physician? What sort of things do they treat?

03:11 – Most physicians treat the symptom but not the root cause. How Dr. Tamika Henry has to play detective in her practice.

04:00 – Mariam asks “What are the top 3 issues affecting Americans?”

05:39 – What is causing all of these issues and illnesses? Dr. Henry has the answer.

08:36 – Mariam’s own journey into functional medicine and how it started changing her health and mood.

10:13 – What foods might be causing inflammation in the body?

14:23 – What is inflammation? And what does look like in the body?

19:30 – “Your inner world will represent your outer world.” Dr. Tamika talks about how mindset and health can affect more than just your inner workings. It can start showing up on the physical side too!

20:48 – Dr. Tamika Henry’s own journey with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and how she overcame it.

25:05 – Mariam asks “Why is the gut important? What is going wrong with our guts?”

29:01 – “Stealth” infections that are in the gut and how Dr. Henry treats them

34:50 – What are some of the herbal remedies used by Dr. Henry in treating gut issues?

38:00 – Mariam asks Dr. Henry what kind of weight issues do patients come in for and what can be done about the stigmas surrounding weight issues.

43:47 – How social media damaging to our health. How to build and keep a supporting community.

49:00 – Dr. Henry’s TOP 3 wellness tips to start your day!


Links & Resources

Dr. Tamika Henry’s Website and Instagram

The Bijou Show Instagram and Facebook

Dr Mark Hyman’s new book I’m giving away: Food: What the Heck Should I Cook?


Ep 1: Ocean Robbins on reversing disease with food and living a toxic free life

Welcome to the very first episode of the Bijou Show! Today I’m interviewing Ocean Robbins, founder of the Food Revolution Network and also the author of 31 Day Food Revolution. His father and him have helped thousands of people make healthier food and lifestyle choices. His father walked away from the Baskin Robbins ice cream fortune and now they’re both sharing wonderful tips and tricks on whole foods plant based diets and what toxic free living is all about.


Timestamp Topics & Questions

{00:45} – Ocean talks about which dietary pattern is most beneficial for reversing and preventing disease

{3:35} – Mariam asks Ocean “What is a plant based diet exactly?”

{6:20} – “There’s not a whole lot of actual food at McDonalds”

{7:30} – Mariam asks “What are where are Blue Zones?”

{9:00} – Reversal of heart disease using four steps

{13:35} – Our modern day lifestyle does not leave any room for health, Mariam asks “What are the ways we can change this?”

{20:20} – How to start incorporating more plants into your diet

{26:47 } – How did the heir of the Baskin Robbins fortunate leave the path paved with gold and ice cream to talk about food and wellness

{30:36} – Can people eat healthy on a budget in today’s world?

{38:00} – Are probiotics actually helpful?

{40:15} – How to get kids involved in food choices and meal planning

{46:30} – Mariam asks “How can we start helping others once we have seen results and have been on our own health awakenings?”


Links & Resources

Here are some of the links and resources mentioned in the episode. This section may contain affiliate links.

31 Day Food Revolution Book: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World

Whole Life Club

Ocean Robbin’s Website & Instagram

Diet for a New America: 25th Anniversary Edition: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth by John Robbins


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